If you speak of Zeeland, you speak of Domburg

Since the time of the Romans, Domburg has been known as a health resort and the village has been designated as a wholesome spa. Domburg is entitled to this name because of the sea water, together with the climate and the soil products. This is quite special, because only Domburg and Cadzand (situated in Zeeuws-Flanders) have this designation in the Netherlands. But besides that, the hospitality, the many restaurants, and the beach attract many guests to Domburg, every year.

Centre of Domburg

In the main street of this seaside resort you can find many shops, restaurants, and terraces. From typical souvenir shops to luxurious fashion shops, from sports shops to a fair-trade shop. You can find them all here. You do not even have to leave town for your daily groceries, you can just pop in at the AH.

In the summer months there is a weekly seasonal market on Monday in Westraat, Markt, Ooststraat and Stationstraat. This year this however takes place from 31 August to 26 October.

So much to choose from…

There is no lack of culinary possibilities. The choices for a bite to eat are almost as diverse as the choice of shops. The first restaurants already open early in the morning for breakfast, a good cup of coffee or a latte-to-go! Would you like to eat lunch or dinner? The choice is yours! Will you choose Italian, Mexican, a fish restaurant or a good steak?

Even if you would like to dine more exclusive, there are various options such as Restaurant Mezger, De Boterkapel or De Visbar. And then we have not even started on the beach pavilions. You will eat out every night!

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Beach of Domburg

If you stay the night in Domburg you simply have to visit the beach. Whatever the season or the weather! You cannot leave this seaside town before you have taken a sniff of the fresh sea breeze. In the summer it is great fun to pack a cooler, bring a beach umbrella, do not forget a bucket and a shovel, and enjoy a fantastic day at the beach. If the weather does not want to play along, you can take a relaxing walk here. The rustle of the sea in the background, your nose in the wind, ideal to unwind and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you.

The beach is also very appealing to children. Building sandcastles, digging moats, looking for shells, flying kites, kicking a ball; there is loads for them to do!

But not everyone loves the beach. Is your dog going on holiday with you, just you try and keep him/her out of the waves! Please note, your dog is not welcome at every beach in Zeeland, and your four-legged-friend will have to be on a leash between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. during the swimming season (April - October).

Sports on the beach

The stretched-out beaches on the coast of Zeeland are also ideal for all kinds of sports activities. Unwind and relax with a yoga class on the beach, have fun playing a game of beach ball or volleyball or take a lesson on how to surf. The latter is possible on the beach of Domburg. At Surf school Domburg you learn to surf on one of the best wave surfing spots of the Netherlands. On the beach of Noordduine you can follow surf, stand-up and skim board lessons. Don’t need lessons? You can rent various surfboards throughout the year.
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Beach house to rent

Beautiful weather and feel like a fantastic day (or days) at the sea? Then rent one of our beach houses . The beach house contains 2 beach chairs and an umbrella. Reservations can be made via the reception of Hotel Bommeljé: + 31 (0) 118 – 581 684 or

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Picturesquely beautiful

Domburg is traditionally known as a wholesome spa, but in the past, it was also a favourite of artists. They were inspired by the exceptional light in Domburg and the surrounding areas. Between 1900 - 1920, Domburg was known as a painter’s village, attracting famous artists like Jan Toorop, Piet Mondriaan and Marie Tak van Poortvliet. Domburg still attracts painters like it did before, due to its beautiful lighting. In Domburg itself you can visit the Marie Tak van Poortvliet museum. The museum is in the centre of the village, where you can admire various collections of paintings and sculptures.

Even more sports

The dunes of Domburg hold one of the oldest golf courses of the Netherlands. For more information on the golf facilities in Zeeland, please visit our golf page.

From Domburg you can also plan a lovely hike. From the village you can walk straight into de Manteling (spectacular nature reserve). In this unique forest with stately estates, you can stroll through the oak forest, in peace and quiet. Would you like to know more of the hiking options in Zeeland? Read more on our hiking page.

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