Experience, taste, smell, see & hear Zeeland

Go out and stimulate all your senses

Bed & Bike de Dorsvloer is situated in Domburg. From your accommodation you can head straight out to explore Domburg. The shopping street, with many restaurants and terraces, is just around the corner. You can also walk straight to the beach of this Zeeuws seaside resort. But there is so much more to explore! On Walcheren and the rest of Zeeland. The province is ideal for walking and cycling, has beautiful historic buildings and is popular with water sports enthusiasts. And obviously all that is tasty from the sea, but also the land. From the Zeeuws Bolus to the mussels and from the Eastern Scheldt lobster to the babbelaars (candy from Zeeland). Enough to experience, taste and do!

Zeayou Zeeland